i'll give you my jacket, i'll give you my heart.

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'you're thinking about how you can train your bees to walk around in people shapes, aren't you?'
ROSANNA. londoner. english & drama student @ roehampton university. HYPHY. (if you don't know what that means, quite clearly you are not hyphy at all). totally loves musical theatre, television and films, as well as music of many random types. talks too much. pic-spam whore. maker of MANY icons. fangirly, at times. obsessed with over-use of semi-colons, and will correct your grammar (especially misuse of apostrophes).

anna friel, ashes to ashes, csi, elizabeth mitchell, emilia fox, evil dead the musical, firefly, gillian anderson, grey's anatomy, hitchcock movies, jessica capshaw, jewel staite, kate walsh, kat & meg prescott, keeley hawes, kelly reilly, les miserables, lily loveless, lost, mc lars, the mentalist, private practice, the puppini sisters, pushing daisies, skins, taylor swift, the x files etc.

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